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MAGNIFIQUE allows you to indulge in a unique experience.

Now a monthly magazine on the iPad or iPhone provides you with extraordinary and exceptional insight concerning how to effectively apply the primary principles in the Law of Attraction. Make no mistake about it - THIS MAGAZINE Will Alter Your Lifestyle!

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Whether you desire power, status and money a whole new, exciting, vibrant relationship, or other things you would like, It Will Likely Be YOURS! Want abundance, wellbeing and happiness or a pyramid of other tangible assets - it’s yours for your asking.

You’d need to single-handedly travel back thousands and hundreds of years to acquire and understand the origins of how the Law of Attraction works, but you don’t have to go any further than your iPad or iPhone. If you think we’re kidding, we welcome the challenge.

National and international leaders in the parts ofeconomics and finance, medical science, psychology, human background and theology share their particular experiences in applying this astonishing knowledge for their lives.
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The incredible success experienced in the lives of Magnifique’s featured present-day mentors and leaders demonstrates evidence of the powerful effectiveness of the Law of Attraction. You’ll discover yourself their inspirational personal experiences, because they share everyday occurrences together with you that transformed their lives as soon as they began practicing what the law states of Attraction.

Think you’re a regular person inside an ordinary world? Reconsider, my friend. You are a power-magnet of change and you don’t know it! Let the Law of Attraction open up the world for you. Once you begin USING the knowledge to achieve whatever you desire it happens the moment YOU understand it and it occurs. You must know and adopt these principles into your life NOW if your need is great.

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